February 13, 2018

13 Game-Changing Tips from 13 Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Launching the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast was something that had been on my mind for some time.

Listening to so many podcasts from the greats – Gary Vee, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins – had inspired me to discover some untold stories of my own. I’ve always had an enormous sense of passion when it comes to speaking with other entrepreneurs and learning what motivates them to succeed, and since the launch of the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast, I’ve been fortunate enough to have so many value-packed discussions with some truly inspiring entrepreneurs.

You can learn something from everybody, no matter who they are, and these are some of the top, game-changing tips that I’ve learnt from each guest on the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast so far.

Tip One – Justin Bourn

“Find someone who’s been there and done that. Find them at all costs and bug them, or try to work for them as well. Find a mentor … and just hang around them.”

Justin Bourn is the founder and director of Blank Canvas Studios – a leader in 3D visualisation images for interior design and property marketing in Australia. Justin believes, wholeheartedly, in the power of mentorship, and learning to hone your craft by having the input of a more experienced person in your industry. Even if, like him, you have to bug someone for over a year to gain that mentorship.

Head here to listen to Justin’s story.

Tip Two – Bella Ndayikeze

“It’s just about building relationships.”

Bella Ndayikeze, who is a Youth Leadership Coordinator, a football player, a Social Media Manager, and in the early stages of starting her own social media company, has a lot of things to say in her episode of the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast. But at the age of 21, it seems she’s hit upon a golden piece of advice: it’s all about the relationships.

Whether it’s a brand’s relationship with their audience or a volunteer’s relationship with the local community, it’s all about putting yourself out there and letting people know that they can trust you.

Find out more about what Bella has to say on the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast.

Tip Three – Marciel Audesho

“If anyone’s considering starting a business on their own, just start a side-hustle. Keep the job that you’re in to give yourself that stability. Don’t go quit your job tomorrow to start your side-hustle.”

With over 12 years of experience as a business coach, Marciel Audesho’s tip is one that you should definitely heed if you’re thinking of starting a business. She’s helped some of Australia’s most renowned businesses achieve continuous improvement, and she certainly knows what she’s talking about.

To discover more advice on how to develop and grow your business, listen to Marciel’s episode of the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast.

Tip Four – Chris Wightwick

“Scheduling and boundary maintenance is really important. I have an hour lunch that I spend with my partner and daughter every day, and I can count on one hand how many times that’s been interrupted.”

When it comes to being an aspiring entrepreneur, it’s all too easy to focus on nothing but the hustle – but life coach Chris Wightwick knows the importance of dedicating time for other things – like your family.

Chris worked for over a decade as an Army Officer before becoming a registered nurse and a hospital manager in Timor Leste, the Solomon Islands, and Australia. Then, he found his passion for guiding others to find their true purpose.

For more advice from Chris, listen to episode four of the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast.

Tip Five – Dennis Gomez

“Giving yourself enough sleep is important. Some people think you should just hustle and hustle and hustle. The reality is that if you’re sleep deprived, you can’t really function.”

People say that the hustle never sleeps, but storyteller and filmmaker Dennis Gomez doesn’t agree. Without sleep, he says, we can’t function, and when we can’t function we can’t be our best selves.

As a result of getting enough sleep, Dennis co-founded Storydriven, a company that believes that creating emotionally engaging experiences for your audiences starts with great storytelling.

To find out more about Dennis and his morning rituals, listen to his episode of the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast.

Tip Six – Jackson Millan

“You will always make the best use of the time that you have available.”

Wealth Mentor Jackson Millan gets out of bed 20 minutes before he’s due to be in the office, because he believes fundamentally that people make the best use of the time that they have. For this same reason, he allows his entire team to take Fridays off – provided that they believe they have made the best of their time that week and completed everything that they needed to do.

In his role, he works to unlock the potential of his clients and helps them to achieve their highest goals, all while ensuring they make the best use of their time.

Listen to more about Jackson on episode six of the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast.

Tip Seven – Alecia Hancock

“Take parts from everybody, but find what works for you.”

Alecia Hancock is the the State Director in WA of the Australian Writer’ Centre and founder of Hancock Creative, where she helps not-for-profit organisations such as Foodbank WA, The Ability Centre, and Activ Foundation grow their volunteers and conquer social media.

With all this experience under her belt, she knows a few things about being an entrepreneur, and one of her top pieces of advice is to allow yourself to cherry-pick the habits and routines of other entrepreneurs that inspire you, but to ultimately find out what works for you. She doesn’t believe in copying somebody else’s path just because it worked for them.

Find out more about what Alecia believes on the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast.

Tip Eight – Michael Duncan

“Learn as much as you can. Do courses. Get the right tools together. Keep learning. Keep doing.”

As the owner of a business that works to help build small businesses and startups, Michael Duncan works with plenty of entrepreneurs. For over a decade, Michael has worked with small business owners, and he has seen the unparalleled benefits of learning, learning, and learning some more. You can never know too much, after all.

To hear more about Michael’s business and how he plans for success, tune in to episode eight of the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast.

Tip Nine – Conrad Francis

“Not everyone fits a stereotypical sleep pattern. Identify what works for you and allows you to perform at your best and go with it.”

Some have said that finance expert and basketball coach Conrad Francis wears his ability to go without a full night’s sleep as a badge of honour – but he insists it’s just what works for him, and he encourages you to do the same. What’s the point in tossing and turning, trying to get eight hours of sleep, when you know you work well on six hours? What else can you be using those spare two hours for? For Conrad, he spends his time awake researching and learning.

For more information about how Conrad steers his success, listen to his episode of the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast.

Tip Ten – Danny Marriner

“I see everybody as a potential mentor.”

As a Personal Trainer and a Life Coach, Danny Marriner has helped hundreds of people transform their lives, their bodies, and their minds. In his 20+ years in the industry, he has learnt that anybody can be a mentor – no matter how old they are or what job they do. He believes that, if you are open to it, there are things to be learnt from every single person.

Listen to more of Danny’s beliefs on episode ten of the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast.

Tip Eleven – Andrew Murphy

“Pick up your phone. Open the camera. Start recording something.”

As a professional cinematographer and the founder of a marketing agency, Andrew Murphy knows the importance of video for business. His mission is to bring videos worthy of the big screen to the business world, and his advice is to pick up your phone and start recording. With time and practise comes experience.

To find out more about how Andrew built his business from scratch, tune in to the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast.

Tip Twelve – Kelly Exeter

“The hardest thing is getting started, and that’s true for anything.”

Kelly Exeter is the owner of Swish Design, the author of four published books, the host of two podcasts, and a blogger, so it’s safe to say she knows how to stay organised. It also means that she knows a thing or two about getting started. Whether it’s writing that first line when you really don’t feel like writing or tackling a full inbox, Kelly knows that the hardest thing to do is start, and her advice to you is just do it. Write the first sentence and then second sentence will come. Open the first email and you inbox will be clear before you know it. All you need to do it start.

To learn more about Kelly and her many endeavours, listen to the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast.

Tip Thirteen – Tyson E. Franklin

“Make the business a little bit of fun.”

Tyson E. Franklin has been working in podiatry for almost 30 years, and he broke records when he sold a podiatry practice for seven figures. After starting with -$15,000 dollars and building himself up to the top, Tyson knows what it takes to make a business work – and one of the key things it takes is fun. He believes that you can take your work seriously and have fun at the same time, and it’s this balance that has helped him to succeed.

Listen to the thirteenth episode of the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast to discover Tyson’s favourite superhero, and what he learnt while sitting on a beach in Fiji.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this rundown of top tips from my fantastic guests on the #AmplifyYourBusiness podcast. Stay tuned to hear more game-changing tips from more industry powerhouses in the coming weeks.

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