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November 2, 2017

#AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast: Episode 8 with Michael Duncan

Michael Duncan: Business Growth and Expanding Your Vision

Find out how Michael has sustained a fruitful business for over a 13-years by focusing on one-on-one relationships and building valuable habits into his morning routine.

Michael Duncan joins host Matt Hanham for the 8th episode of the #AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast. A local business owner and entrepreneur, Michael has worked within the branding and web design industry for over 10 years. His driving passion is to help small business and startups stand up and get noticed. He loves educating like-minded business owners on how to do this.



Length: 50 minutes

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Show Highlights

[0:37] Who are you and what do you do?

[3:20] Do you offer sellable items (products) as well as a service?

[5:17] How long has Meta Creative been around, and what did it look like when you first started?

[9:25] After 13 years in business, you must have seen some changes. What insight do you have into the changes in the economy?

[12:27] What’s something different that you do outside of work?

[15:16] Was running your own business always part of your plan and how did you start networking?

[17:17] What was the turning point from doing a couple of freelance jobs to labelling yourself as a business?

[20:19] You first made revenue with contacts you already had – but how did you price up your first job?

[23:33] What’s the vision going forward?

[29:23] You’ve had a stable business over the past few years – so what’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to face?

[33:05] What does a typical week structure like for you?

[35:46] What morning rituals and habits do you use to get into gear?

[38:30] You mentioned podcasts earlier – what and who are you listening to right now?

[44:48] If you’ve got one tip for small businesses looking to amplify their business, what would it be?

[47:27] How do you see work and legacy?

[48:55] Where can we find you?



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