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December 14, 2017

#AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast: Episode 11 with Andrew Murphy

Andrew Murphy on Starting a Business from Scratch – and Filming It

Andrew Murphy joins host Matt Hanham for the 11th episode of the #AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast.

Andrew is a professional cinematographer with 15 years of experience and a double-degree in Photography and Film. Also the founder of a marketing agency, Andrew combines film technique and business acumen to bring Hollywood quality video to the business world.

Get an inside perspective on what it’s like to dive head first into entrepreneurship from Andrew, who’s now running a successful cinematography business.

Length: 39 minutes


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Show Highlights

[00:00] – Introducing Andrew Murphy
[01:00] – Film, family and inspiration
[06:00] – Where to share your video content
[07:00] – What’s the future of video?
[10:00] – 360 Video and its implications for the everyday user
[16:00] – Balancing work, life, and filming it all
[22:00] – A day in the life of a cinematographer
[26:00] – What Andrew’s watching and listening to
[30:00] – What apps Andrew uses
[32:00] – How bits of tech help run a business
[34:30] – The Future of the wristwatch
[35:00] – How a Cinematographer watches a movie
[36:25] – One thing you can do to #AmplifyYourBusiness


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