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January 18, 2018

#AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast: Episode 13 with Tyson E. Franklin

Tyson E Franklin: The Mysterious Rewards of Personal Connection

Tyson E. Franklin joins host Matt J Hanham for the 13th episode of the #AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast. Now a foot doctor, entrepreneur, accomplished author and proud owner of a national record for selling a podiatry practice at a seven-figure amount, Tyson started from nothing – actually, from negative $15,000.

Find out how humour, work culture, superheroes, pure grit and a custom-made diary got Tyson to where he is today.


Length: 68 minutes

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Show Notes

Tyson E. Franklin: Foot Doctor, Author, Business Mentor and Podcast Host – [0:45]

A podiatrist by profession, Tyson has been practising for the last 29 years. His experience led him to write a book called It’s No Secret, There’s Money in Podiatry. The book was popular enough that he re-wrote it and applied it to all sorts of small businesses. He’s now taken over and relocated well over 20 podiatry businesses, won multiple business awards, and sold a podiatry practice for a nationwide record amount.

On the side of all that, Tyson runs a podcast of his own called It’s No Secret With Dr. T. and mentors other small business owners. He’s also a guitarist, philosopher, joker, and someone who finds it impossible to be bored – but we’ll get into all that later.

Find Tyson, and more about all of the above, at his website



The 365 Hour Challenge – [2:00]

If you’re wondering how Tyson finds time to do all this, part of the answer is the 365 Hour Mental & Physical Challenge (an invention by Tyson). The idea is simple: You walk for an hour each day. While walking, you get as much mindful activity done as you can. Tyson listens to a podcast and films a short Facebook video.


For the Love of Podcasting – [5:00]

“I love podcasting. I love creating podcasts, I love being a guest on other people’s podcasts, and I wish I would have come across it 10 years ago.” – Tyson E. Franklin.

Tyson’s ‘word for 2018’ is connection, and podcasting fits this theme perfectly. Hosting a podcast is so interactive – and so surprisingly intimate – that it’s impossible not to connect with the person on the other microphone.

On a practical level though, it’s hard to pin down ROI for podcasting. Both Tyson and Matt are new to the scene (around 20 episodes), and it’s too soon to look at bottom line results.

If you get into podcasting to make money, you’ll probably quit, but the level of connection is unbelievable.


Something People Might Not Know About Tyson – [15:00]

Tyson took up guitar at age 40. He may play left-handed (even though he’s right-handed…) but he now plays everything from the Beatles to the Sex Pistols. His wife took up drums when she was 40, his daughter sings, and their times jamming together are some of Tyson’s happiest moments.

“To me, music brings generations together,” Tyson says.


“I Was Sitting on a Beach in Fiji” – [17:50]

Tyson has a great story about music – and about the way exploring connection through hobbies like the arts (and podcasting) can reward you.

As Tyson tells it:

“I was on a small island in Fiji with my daughter on holiday. I would go down to the beach every day with my guitar and play. After about a week, the people who had been cleaning all the huts came up to me and said “Oh we’ve been loving having you here all week and playing music – Fijians love music! We have a band that plays on Saturday nights, would you like to come play with us?”

..So there I was, onstage getting ready, and my daughter comes up to me and asks if she can sing. Next thing I know, we’re all up there on stage, banging out the Guns N’ Roses version of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.

I’ve got a picture of that – and that picture is why I took up the guitar.”

Side Note: Matt is also a left-handed guitarist. He’s even got a similar story of ending up onstage in the South Pacific!

This links back into podcasting. You don’t do it for the money, you do it because it’s rewarding on that deep personal and interpersonal level. It’s about connecting with yourself and others. The rewards for this type of investment are always unexpected – and always greater than imagined.



Two People Who Never Get Bored – [22:00]

Matt and Tyson have another similarity: they never get bored. And they don’t understand people who are.

Playing music, playing with new audio equipment, rounds of golf, reading, listening to podcasts, exercise and family time – if you’re in a positive mindset, there are always hundreds of things to do.



“People Who Say They Don’t Have a Favourite Superhero Probably Lie About Other Things As Well” – [23:00]

Who’s Tyson’s favourite superhero? Captain America.

Why? Because of his moral fibre. He doesn’t use guns, he only kills people if he has to, and even though he’s a hero, he still carries the mentality of an underdog who’s out there to help everyone else before himself.

Tyson loves superheroes – he even brought them to life in his podiatry business. Each consultation room is themed… one’s Spider Man, one is Iron man, Tyson’s wife’s room is Wonder Woman… and Tyson’s private study is of course Invisible Man.

So much for the ‘beige’ of your average podiatrist’s office!

The recommendation that comes with this? Don’t be scared to let a little bit of personality out there. Take your business seriously, but if you’re young at heart, use that. Use your personality to connect, share and laugh with your coworkers, employees and clients.


How did Tyson Start His Business – [28:30]

Tyson studied podiatry in uni, but in his final year, he was the first person ever to get 100% on a business plan. The professor told him “you’re in the wrong field. You need to be in business, not podiatry!”

That’s what alerted Tyson to his flare for business. He graduated, found no jobs that really fulfilled him, and decided to start his own business.

So he borrowed $15k, kept his day job killing chickens, and opened his clinic. He’s made a lot of mistakes along the way, but he’s never looked back. His book is drawn from a lot of this experience – he wrote it for the young version of himself that took the leap and started a business.


Tyson’s Biggest Challenges – [38:50]

Finding the right staff to fit the culture of your business. It’s easy to find someone who wears the right hat (accountant, dentist, podiatrist, etc.) but much harder to find someone to fit your business.

To take on this challenge, Tyson implemented a 20-Day Training Plan for New Hires: Different things to learn over 4 weeks. Anyone that went through that training fairly easily usually stuck with the company for the long haul, where as those that struggled he found much more likely not to work out – so this really helped him identify quicker whether a new employee would work and act faster.


The Key to Structure, Productivity and Enjoying Life? – [44:00]

Tyson admits right away – he’s not the most organised person in the world. He forgets alarms, misses reminders and doesn’t remember things unless he visually sees them.

His solution? To design a diary that suits his purposes. He keeps a written diary that helps keep him productive and on-track through all his many pursuits. Outside of the diary, waking up early and getting a few quick wins is a key to staying productive and organised.


Tyson’s Custom-Made Diary – [48:00]

So what does Tyson’s pimped out diary look like? Let’s have a peek.

One section contains the 6 pillars of marketing (from his book).

    • Internal
    • External
    • Professional
    • Non-Professional
    • Verbal Marketing
    • Online Marketing

The goal is that every week, you should focus on two of those pillars. He’s since revised this goal because online marketing has to be done continuously. Even more recently, he’s moved to a weekly schedule – a simple reminder to do something in two of the columns (one always being online) each week.

Matt chimes in here. It’s critical to keep taking steps. Complacency is easy – especially when you’re doing well. If clients are coming through and money’s good, it’s easy to sit back. But without fail, if you stop progressing, you’ll falter or you’ll be surpassed by your competitors.

“If you drink when you’re thirsty, it’s usually too late.” – Tyson E. Franklin


Tyson’s Dream Podcast Guest – [56:00]

Tyson’s dream guest would be Richard Branson.  What would they talk about? Not his recent business ventures, but the interesting time during which Branson backed the Sex Pistols and no one else would touch them.


Rapid Fire Questions – [59:00]

If Tyson was put in Solitary Confinement for One Year and Could Bring One Book:

  • He’d take a really long comic book. If anything c

Tyson’s Favourite Disney Movie?

  • Toy Story

One Weird App on Tyson’s Phone

  • Vivino – it takes pictures of wine labels and tells you where you can get it, the price, and logs your ratings.
  • Voice Record Pro – It’s a great app for quick recording and editing.

One thing Tyson recommends to amplify your business?

  • Get off your bum and physically go and meet people! If you do it online, comment, engage, respond and connect with anyone and everyone you can. Take a chance, take a risk and put yourself out there.



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