About Us

Our Vision

Leverage today’s technology for a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

Enable people to amplify their business online.

Our Values

Love it

We love what we do. We’re privileged to be in a position where we can add significant value in people’s businesses, and create serious change in people’s lives. We empower each other and our clients every single day through our honesty, commitment, energy, and respect. We laugh, we have fun, we try new things, and support each other when we fall.

So go ahead, scream it from the rooftops. Let your passion shine through the day-to-day, and always keep happiness close. Because when we do love what we do, it’s hard to ignore. The happiness and energy is infectious and lifts everyone up around us.

When we’re happy, we’re free to do our best work and we LOVE IT.

Own it

Visible is a proud organisation that believes in what we do and the people that do it. We’re direct, sincere and accountable, we respectfully stand up for what we believe, and we seek to amaze in everything we do. Taking ownership and using your initiative to drive for the best outcome is a given.

When things don’t quite work out there’s no blame, no pointing the finger. If we see something wrong, we take action to address it, we can’t merely walk away, it’s not who we are. We take responsibility, learn from our mistakes, and focus on how we can do better.

There’s no shame in failing. Pour passion & belief into your work and OWN IT.

Do it

Visible is an outcome-oriented organisation made up of high performers. Backed by a ‘make it happen’ attitude and an ability to stop, collaborate and think, we’re masters of leverage and are always on the lookout for new ways to improve how we do what we do.

We’re proactive, not reactive, fearless and determined. And close enough is never good enough. With teamwork, dedication and a ‘think, then act’ approach we always follow through on our promises to team members, clients and ourselves.

No covering your arse, no shortcuts, no excuses – just DO IT.

Teach it

At Visible we’re constantly learning. We have a serious thirst for knowledge and take pride in our own development. We’re all responsible for sharing our intel with each other, with enthusiasm, confidence and patience. Everyone is approachable and our expertises’ are never shrouded in secrecy.

This means reflecting on our biggest wins, as well as our biggest failures – taking every opportunity to learn and grow from our experiences. Leaving egos at the door and recognising our own strengths and weaknesses with honesty. And going the extra mile to ensure everyone learns from our experience by documenting, measuring and analysing all we do.

Dive bravely into the unknown, learn from it, then share that lesson and TEACH IT.

Work With Us

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you! We’re always on the hunt for passionate individuals hellbent on making a difference – whether that’s in the form of clients, co-workers, freelancers or otherwise – so go on, just reach out.