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What Happens When Content Becomes the Name of the Game

Perry Lakes Hawks Basketball


The Perry Lakes Hawks have been a prominent force in the state basketball scene of Western Australia since 1988. With an ethos centred around boosting involvement in basketball at all levels, the club has mens and womens teams participating in junior comps right up to the semi-professional state league. 

When Visible were approached, the club was looking for a way to demonstrate greater value to potential and existing sponsors, while also boosting online awareness & engagement and increasing audience and attendance numbers. They also wanted to share stories from the club to help showcase the playing group and inspire players to join the club.

Over the 2019 season, Visible worked with the club to produce Hawks TV, an initiative that was seeded in the Mens SBL 2018 championship season. The Hawks wanted to produce more great video content, this time of the Mens and Womens SBL Teams along with the junior and social competition and community. Success meant leveraging social media to boost fan engagement and awareness. Regular episodes followed the story of the players, teams, club, and community throughout the season. With micro content taking fans behind the scenes to showcase the club’s personality along the way.


With an aim to elevate the club’s perception from an audience, sponsor, and players view, the Hawks needed a fresh communication strategy to differentiate them from the rest.

However, with multiple stakeholders and competing visions, getting everyone on the same page wasn’t always so simple.

And with all episodes crafted from footage of training sessions and live games primarily from one camera operator, at times it was difficult to capture everything needed from a story-telling point of the view, in the moment.


Thirteen episodes and seventeen pieces of micro content were produced and launched across Hawks’ social channels, following the club’s journey throughout the 2019 season.

The videos emassed 78,189 minutes of viewing and reached a whopping 306,842 fans not just locally but around the world, helping boost their page followers by 43%. 

This was a fantastic success for the club, with the Hawks brand becoming more visible than ever and helping shape a stronger offering for new and existing sponsors.


  • Video Production (Mini-Doc Series: 13 episodes + Micro Content)
  • Event Videography & Photography
  • Social Posting (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter)
  • Social Advertising


  • 306,842 Fans Reached
  • 78,159 Minutes Viewed
  • 13 Episodes + 17 Pieces of Micro Content
  • 43% Boost in Page Likes
  • 164,950 Engagements

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