Building Lasting Impact with Social Media


Stirling Capital is dedicated to building desirable, sustainable communities through class-leading developments driven by location and design. Their award-winning buildings all have a distinct character, reflecting their commitment to high-quality, sustainable, and forward-thinking design.


When Stirling Capital approached Visible, they had recently launched a public-facing brand (myStirling) to help shake the corporate image, unite their development projects, grow a brand, and build lasting engagement with potential buyers.

For Visible, this was an exciting opportunity to leverage the power of social media to establish a brand, build a loyal community, and increase engagement.

Project Scope

  • Social Media Campaigns (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Social Media Posting (Facebook & Instagram)


Building followers fast is never easy, especially in an industry known for aggressive selling. Add to this the fact that much of the marketing focussed on selling a vision for buildings yet to be built, all of which were unique and appealed to different audiences, and you start to get a sense for the challenges facing the brand online.

So how did we overcome these challenges? Engaging social media ads helped grow followers fast and showcase Stirling’s unique buildings and locations on offer, drawing people into the lifestyle and brand from project launch through to building completion.


As of writing their Instagram page features over 2,000 followers with a further 1,500+ followers on Facebook. This far exceeded initial goals and helped establish the brand as a major player in the high-end property space.

Now Stirling Capital is better positioned than ever to leverage its strong brand when launching and promoting new development projects online.

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