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Proof that Social Media Communities can have Real-world Impact

Neighbourhood Watch


Neighbourhood Watch is a Western Australian crime-prevention program that encourages neighbours to work together as a community to improve personal safety and household security.

They were focused on building awareness, community engagement, and growing their social pages from ground zero.


Neighbourhood Watch knew social media presented a massive opportunity for them to ramp up their program’s reach. However as a government initiative, one of Neighbourhood Watch’s biggest roadblocks was the sheer number of stakeholders and levels of approval required across all communications. This made it difficult for them to get the new pages off the ground.

The team members tasked with managing the social media accounts also had many other priorities and limited experience in growing a community from scratch. And so Visible was brought in to help direct strategy and keep everyone on the same page.


Neighbourhood Watch’s social reach and engagement have increased considerably since our intervention, with the Facebook page now sitting with more than 15,000 followers.

But what’s more, our strong Facebook performance lead to a real impact on the ground with a huge increase in local NHW groups and community engagement.


  • 15,358 Facebook Followers
  • 7,873 Page Interaction 
  • 3,31 Clicks
  • 1,860,056 Impressions
  • $0.17 CPC


  • Social Media Posting (Facebook)
  • Social Media Engagement & Monitoring (Facebook)

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