Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Like it or not, a Facebook page attracts new business.

Having a strong social presence online will grow your brand awareness and increase engagement. We make sure your Facebook business page attracts the right people and gets the right message across.

Facebook pages help you control the online sentiment of your brand.

One of the things we hear from clients is that they are unsure if they should invest in a Facebook presence, as they’re apprehensive about the possibility of negative comments. What they seem to forget here is that people will leave their feedback just about anywhere they can on the web, whether there’s an official Facebook page for your brand or not.

By creating and managing your own Facebook business page you have the opportunity to both communicate with your client community, and have a little more control over what people are saying about you.

Thumbs up if you’d like us to manage your Facebook page.

The Visible social media management team can assist in all aspects of developing and maintaining a professional online presence on Facebook. This is done by creating the right design from the get-go, as well as posting the right content for your business and responding to comments appropriately.

We will provide you with:

  • A bespoke Facebook page header design
  • A complete profile page
  • Page activity monitoring
  • A popularity increase strategy
  • A Facebook advertising campaign (paid)
  • Relevant content to engage fans
  • Editorial post scheduling

Facebook has become an important part of any online marketing mix, and we’ll make sure it ties in with any other channels and services you might have, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and your website, to really amplify your brand online.