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A lesson on Insta Influence with Not Bad Perth

Not Bad Perth (@notbadperth)


Not Bad Perth is our team’s own Instagram creation, celebrating all things Perth. The page was launched with an initial aim to grow the hashtag #notbadperth and hit 10k followers, while also providing a testing ground for our team to play with what works on Instagram.


The Instagram landscape is more competitive than ever, so launching a new brand from scratch was always going to be a challenge. 

Consistency was key to growing the profile, but as an internal project, it was all too easy to push @notbadperth to the bottom of the to-do list in favour of our clients’ accounts. We had to rely on a monthly scheduling system to help us stay on track and keep things moving in the right direction.


Not bad Perth now has close to 15,000 followers and is receiving interest from local advertisers as well. We’re now looking at monetising the page and providing a platform for local businesses to get their message out to an engaged Perth community.


  • Social Media Set-up & Posting (Instagram)

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