Blog Production

“Blogging is just a fad,” they said… “It won’t last.” For years people have predicted the demise of blogging but each year the number of blogs created and consumed just keeps growing. There’s a reason why savvy businesses say they’ll never give up their blog.

Businesses who get it are reaping the rewards and proving just how successful blogs are for business.

So what’s the big deal? Well, just like other forms of digital content, blogging supports end of line marketing objectives from a multitude of angles. It showcases your brand, increases visibility, drives traffic, nurtures leads, boosts conversions, and helps you make more sales. Yeah, blogging really can do it all.

Using our signature systemised approach, we can collaborate with you on a winning strategy for blog production and delivery that can ensure consistent results.

The Power of Written Content

You know what’s nice? Better search engine rankings, which means more clicks and more leads and more customers. It’s the ultimate digital domino set and the first domino to put down is starting a blog.
But what’s also nice is building a lasting relationship with your customers. From a user’s perspective, blogs provide value, respond to pain points, and build trust. Considering 47% of buyers view 3 – 5 pieces of content before even engaging with a company, blogs are an important first step in building loyalty in the long run.
Better yet, your company’s blog is a perfect way to establish your own voice and showcase your authentic personality, passion and purpose in a way consumers actually want to consume it. All of which will strengthen your connection with your audience.

Blogs + Social Media = A Match Made In Heaven

The fun doesn’t stop at your website either. Having a blog means having a pool of content to pull from for your social media platforms. And we don’t just mean throwing the link up once and being done with it.
At Visible we wholeheartedly believe in extending the lifecycle and value of every piece of content we create. For blogs, this means pulling quotes, graphics, and multiple messages from one main idea. All of which can be used to engage new and existing followers across your social networks for months, if not years to come.
People have long been saying that to be successful you need to work smarter, not harder. Well, if you’re constantly creating new blogs and not repurposing, recycling and sharing them on social media platforms, you’re probably working way harder than you could be. Just saying.

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