Creating a Community with Chorus Voices


Chorus is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to enabling people to live the life they choose, in their own home, in their own community. With over 1,000 staff and volunteers, they’ve provided aged-care and community support services to over 10,000 West Australians in need.


They first approached Visible after merging multiple community service organisations under the one Chorus brand. They were looking for a way to unite the teams, reinforce the brand’s values, and showcase stories from their inspirational community.

For Visible, this was an exciting opportunity to harness the power of podcasting to bring people together and sharpen a brand’s personality. And so Chorus Voices was born.

Project Scope

  • Podcast Strategy
  • Podcast Recording & Production
  • Podcast Distribution & Promotion


Chorus could see the benefits in podcasting but lacked the technical experience and strategic direction needed to get a podcast off the ground on their own. 

And with multiple stakeholders involved, they also had to battle competing voices and opinions, which presented further roadblocks.


Two years on and the show continues to go from strength to strength with over 40 episodes produced and over 10,000 listens around the globe. 

And by adopting a collaborative and systemised approach, Chorus’ confidence, understanding, and abilities have grown significantly. Chorus now plays a much greater role in the strategy and production of each episode, with their team coming together to drive the project. Visible continues to provide support through recording, distribution and administration.

“Thanks for going on the Chorus Voices journey and for all the support and advice you’ve given us along the way. We’re proud of how Chorus Voices has developed and you have played a big part in that. You have helped us to achieve a big milestone of now fully producing the podcast inhouse.”

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