Turning the Imagined into a New Reality

Blank Canvas

Developed by Blank Canvas founder and 3d visualisation pro, Justin Bourn, Unimagined set out to be Australia’s first conference focused on the unbuilt visualisation industry. 


The conference aimed to bring together some of the best visual communicators of future cities, architecture and product, to share knowledge, experiences and creative inspiration with peers and newcomers.

When Justin approached Visible for assistance, he was starting from scratch. He needed a fast-paced digital campaign to launch the brand, gain traction, and drive ticket sales.

Project Scope

  • Landing Page Development
  • Social Media Advertising Campaigns (Branding & Sales)
  • Social Media Posting
  • Video Production & Promotion
  • Email Automation & Marketing Campaign


This project presented a number of challenges. As Australia’s first-ever conference in this space, we were diving headfirst into the unknown. Would there be a market for this type of event in Australia? Would we have enough time to build a brand from scratch and actually get bums on seats, all from afar in Perth?

Yeah, there were a lot of unknowns. Both from Visible’s side and the client’s. We really had to work together to produce a comprehensive event marketing campaign that delivered results quickly.


The Unimagined event sold out and was attended by industry professionals from around the globe while establishing itself as the premier event of it’s kind. Not bad for a first attempt! 

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