July 27, 2017
Category: Social Media

You Wouldn’t Leave a Customer Alone in your Reception… So Why Ignore Them Online

You wouldn’t leave a customer alone in your reception…. right?

Imagine this: a customer walks through your door. Stepping up to an empty reception desk, they ring the bell…. and nothing happens. They try calling your contact number… no answer. They wait around a few minutes – even knocking on the door behind the desk – before leaving feeling frustrated, confused and disappointed.

This is exactly what’s happening to online customers everywhere. Every business has a ‘digital waiting room’, but not every business is watching it.

Visible’s Director Matt Hanham explains in the video below his experience with clients doing just that, and why caring for online customers is just as important as caring for the ones you’re talking to face to face.

Here’s the text transcription of the video for anyone who prefers to read instead of watch.

Alright, let me ask you, are you the type of company that has a Facebook page, maybe even has an agency looking after that Facebook page for you? Maybe you just do it in house, but do you respond quickly when someone sends a comment, or likes your page, or engages with your business?

I keep stressing to our client base, and anyone I speak to that your Facebook page, your messenger inbox, these are literally the modern version of your reception and if someone was standing in your reception room, dinging the bell, or whatever they’re doing in there, you wouldn’t just leave ’em there for two hours or three days, or even try and pass on responsibility saying, oh that maybe you should have dealt with that.

We do a lot of monitoring for our clients, and we help them with their pages, but they’re real potential clients and leads that you should be talking to. And I just wish more people would understand that this is literally your digital reception area and you need to pay a lot of attention, and pay as much attention.

You know you’d be making the person that came into your office a coffee, offering them a biscuit, being nice, but why do you just ignore them if they’re in the digital space. Don’t ignore them, talk to them. They’re your clients and they’re right there.