May 8, 2017

Podcast: Build Live Give with Matt Hanham

Visible CEO Matt Hanham talks business growth, Social Media, how to pick your ideal client, and work/life balance with Paul from the Build Live Give Show.

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Matt Hanham was featured on the Build Live Give podcast!

We were honoured to be invited in for a chat with Paul Higgins – Angel investor and founder of the Build Live Give show.

Paul has been working for Coca-Cola since he was three. He’s come to the entrepreneurial world from the corporate one and brings a wealth of knowledge – real, in the trenches, deep knowledge – to the table.

Matt worked with Paul at Coca-Cola, and shared some of the same experiences Paul had (corporate success, burnout, enlightenment, and breakthrough into the world of the entrepreneur). In this podcast, they go over some of their most eye-opening experiences, and examine them through the lenses of Social Media and small business ownership.

Important Takeaways

  • How to help a small business to grow with social media
  • How to exit from a difficult partner experience
  • How to pick your ideal client
  • How to deal with personal challenges and take control of your destiny
  • How to fit work around your family
  • 2 causes Matt is passionate about
  • How to simplify what you do each day
  • Some great apps to use


Does any of this resonate with you? Share your experiences in the comments section and join the conversation with Matt!