September 5, 2017
Category: Social Media

How to Find Your Perth Audience on Facebook

You know they’re out there. Walking around – maybe right under your nose – going about their business as they put up with all those problems you know you can help them solve. They’re practically waiting to buy from you, but they float just beyond your reach.

They’re your ideal customers. And finding and connecting with these people is one of the biggest challenges we face as business owners.

You should know that whoever your ideal customer is, odds are they are on Facebook and you can find and connect with them – no matter how small your budget.

We’ve helped heaps of Perth business owners do just this. All of them felt the same sense of success and relief when, all of a sudden, they were talking not to a huge, unresponsive, anonymous crowd, but to the people that actually wanted to connect with them.

We know first hand that marketing can be frustrating, but when marketing helps you find out that yes, there are people who really care about your business… and yes, they want to do business with you, there’s no better feeling. Especially when sales and business growth follows!

The key to finding success with Facebook marketing is pinpointing your ideal customer and appealing directly to their needs, their desires and their fears.

In this article we’re going to share how you can pinpoint your ideal customers with Facebook targeting.

The information here is specific to Perth (so if you’re a Perth business owner, listen up!), but the tactics apply anywhere. Because Facebook targeting is specific, we’re going to show you how to find a specific audience. Let’s imagine we’re a Physiotherapist in Perth.

The same thing that goes for location goes for industry, so if you’re not a Physiotherapist, this will still work for you! You’ll just be looking for a slightly different sort of person.

Let’s jump in.

Start With What you Know

Ok, let’s start with who we think our ideal customer is. Through research or experience, you’ll have some idea who you deal with and should have an idea of the different “personas” relevant to you. You’ll be able to plug this info into Facebook and see who’s out there that matches your description, so this step is important.

The basic factors to consider are:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests

If you’re struggling to paint a picture of who your audience is, download this simple worksheet and flesh out your personas on paper.

Let’s say we get heaps of casual athletes in for physiotherapy and our ideal customer looks like this:

  • Location: Perth +25 miles (Yes, Facebook still makes us work in miles, not kilometres)
  • Age: 25 – 40
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Interests: Running, Yoga, Tennis

Figure Out if That Person is on Facebook

We’re now going to plug those specifics into Facebook and find out who’s out there!

Ok, let’s plug the area in: Perth +25 miles.


Now the age group 25 – 40.


And the interests Running, Yoga, and Tennis.


Drum roll please…Here’s how many people in Perth match that description on Facebook.


That’s a pretty big number! Facebook will now let you send posts or advertisements to this group. This is one of the reasons Facebook advertising is less expensive than most other channels – you only have to spend money to reach the people that are actually potential customers.

This group could work well… but Facebook lets you target MUCH more specifically. And if you hit a specific audience, with a message exactly for them, you’re likely to save even more money.

Let’s look at a more specific target (just for fun).

Get More Specific

Let’s say we’re a physiotherapist that’s been seeing a lot of pregnant mums aiming to stay healthy, and new mums looking to recover.

You can pinpoint females with children 0 – 12 months of age. Turns out there are almost 7,000 of them in Perth.


Now targeting THIS group could be very valuable. A physiotherapist could spend $20 on an ad directed specifically at post-pregnancy therapy, take not much risk, and potentially connect with thousands of new mums. Because it’s specific, that ad would be way more likely to break through the clutter and connect with the customers.

Study Your Customers

What if you don’t know your ideal customer? What if you want to learn more about the people in your town – the ones that might buy from you?

Facebook can also tell you more about a target group of people. Their demographics (age, location, gender, etc.), their interests (what Facebook groups they like, what Facebook pages they’re interested in, etc.), and more. This can be really valuable for market research.

Sticking to our Physiotherapist example: if we had known we wanted to target new mums, but didn’t know what age they might be, we could have plugged ‘New Parents’ into Facebook and learned specifics about that group.

We’ve done just that, and here’s what we got.

Age and Gender:


Relationship Status and Education level:


Job Titles:


Things new mums in Perth are interested in:


Facebook pages that new mums in Perth like:



Connect With Your Ideal Customers

All of the above can be done for free, by anyone, anywhere, and for any business … or any ideal customer.

Your ideal customers are waiting out there, and although they might be floating just out of reach for now, you could be one well-targeted Facebook post away from making that connection.

Now it’s your turn! Reach out and let us know how you go 🙂