July 2, 2020

Get Your Shit Together! 3 Best Beginner Project Management Platforms

Project management is an essential part of any business, no matter how big or small. But it’s not just for business. You might not realise it, but you DO project manage many aspects of your personal life like finances, holidays or birthday parties.

Whether you want to better organise your work or simply want to make sure a personal project is running smoothly, a project management platform can help you tick all the boxes and never forget that one tiny, but super important detail EVER again.

Ready to get your shit together? Here are three of the best beginner project management platforms available on the market today!


Asana is our first choice when it comes to project management platforms, thanks to its flexibility. Its main focus is productivity and collaboration through an intuitive, fun and visually pleasing interface, making it less intimidating than more advanced project management platforms. You can use it to keep track of both ongoing and project-based work, as well as to coordinate team members, distribute workloads through tasks, and set priorities.


  • Basic plan is free (for teams of up to 15 people)
  • View each team member’s tasks
  • Customised dashboard and project templates
  • List, board, and calendar views available
  • Huge range of integrations available
  • Plus, way more on a premium plan including, timeline view, forms, approval
  • flows, automations, and more


  • Too many options, creating confusion for new users around how best to setup
  • and manage projects
  • No built in time-tracking or live chat
  • Doesn’t have much in the way of exporting functionality
  • Can get pricey for bigger teams on pro plans, as you’ll pay per user


If you like whiteboards, you’re going to love Monday.com! It has a very clean look to it that reminds us of a big digital whiteboard with colourful sticky notes on it. It’s recommended for small to medium term projects and you can get it for free, with certain limitations.


  • Clean, user-friendly interface
  • Features templates for different types of projects
  • Diverse way of looking at information
  • Automations available
  • Easy to see each team member’s workload and redistribute work


  • Can take a bit longer to learn how to use
  • Can get pricey if you want to unlock better options
  • Importing from documents and other project management tools is buggy


If you’re absolutely new to the idea of project management, Trello is a great place for individuals and small teams to get started. It’s also very useful for personal projects thanks to its simplicity and user-friendly interface. The free version generously offers unlimited personal boards, cards and lists and even basic automations.


  • Highly customisable cards and dashboard
  • User-friendly design
  • Project/task archive available (you can access past projects anytime)
  • Drag and drop cards to different lists
  • Good overview of tasks and projects
  • Basic automations available for free.


  • No support for calendar integration
  • Limited task description capabilities
  • High bandwidth usage

Project management might sound like something only big companies do, but that’s definitely not the case. Personal or small business projects need just as much organising – the better you get at it, the more time you have to invest in yourself and your business! These beginner project management platforms are easy to use and can be used for free, so you can test the waters and see which one is more suited for your needs.

If you get stuck with any of your digital marketing projects, we’d be more than happy to offer you a helping hand! Get in touch with our team and we’ll suss it out for you.

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