June 25, 2020
Category: Social Media

Facebook Ad Optimisation DOs & DON’Ts

If you’ve started rolling out Facebook Ads to generate more business, good on ya! Facebook is a great tool for lead generation, but it needs constant fine-tuning to deliver the right results at the right price.

It takes time to learn the ins and outs of Facebook advertising, but there are a few essential dos and don’ts you need to keep in mind every time you create a campaign.

Facebook Ad Optimisation DOs

✅  Do keep a clean account structure, having hundreds of campaigns and ad sets not only makes it hard to read the data but it also hurts your ad account performance. Facebook likes to see clear setups and organised campaigns.

✅  Do set up a funnel. Having a funnel setup is the key to reducing the cost per acquisition and making sure that there are no lost leads/conversions. The top of the funnel should target all your cold traffic, the middle of the funnel should target all of your warm traffic and the bottom of the funnel should target all your hot traffic.

✅  Do exclude past customers/leads in low funnel audiences.  Once a customer/lead has taken the required action make sure that you exclude them from your funnel. For example, exclude people who purchased in the last 30 days.

✅  Do set up retargeting, this allows you to re-engage users who have engaged with your business but may have been distracted by life or may have needed new information before they convert. You’ll need retargeting to set up your funnel!

✅  Do segment the best performing device at the top of the funnel. Spend most of the money at the top of the funnel where most users are. Once you have spent some money and have some data on users create an audience based on the best platform, placement & device they took the action on and use this as your audience at your Top of Funnel to help reduce your costs at the Top of Funnel.

✅  Do open targeting and placements lower in the funnel to capture users on whatever device and placement they are on.

Facebook Ad Optimisation DON’Ts

🚫  Don’t turn off ad sets if they are not converting, find the best performing ads inside that ad set, leave them on and just turn off the underperforming ads.

🚫  Don’t be too narrow when it comes to interest-based targeting, test 3-5 interests in a single ad set. Facebook is very smart and the AI is only getting better. By narrowing down too much you can limit the reach and success of your ad sets.

🚫  Don’t turn off your ads too early, let Facebook collect the data so you (and Facebook’s AI) can learn from the campaign and optimise. And remember: the higher the budget the faster you get data! The lower the budget, the longer it takes for Facebook to find the data.

🚫  Don’t just choose automatic placements, each placement has a specific sizing and content needs. Something that looks good on the newsfeed (square) may not look that good on stories (vertical).

🚫  Don’t forget to check that your Facebook pixel has not been switched off, this happens sometimes when you duplicate an ad set.

🚫  Don’t forget to copy the ad id when it comes to using a well-performing ad in a different ad set (for example if you want to test how the ad performs with a new audience). Using the same ad will build social proof on the ad (Likes, Shares & Comments) and help further improve performance.

🚫  Don’t forget to segment the top of funnel with the best demographics of those who have taken the action at the bottom of the funnel. By utilizing the best placement, platform and device most sales come from and putting this at the top of the funnel it helps make the most of your ad spend.

And there you have it, these are the essential Facebook Ad Optimisation DOs and DON’Ts you need to keep in mind when you create your campaigns.

If you need more help with your Facebook Ads, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team of experts here at Visible and we’ll make sure your campaigns start converting!