October 31, 2017
Category: Content Production

8 Reasons Why Podcasting for Business is on the Rise

Believe it or not, there’s a growing number of people turning to podcasts for regular news, education, and entertainment. I mean, sure it’s still less than the number people who consume written or visual content online – but it’s growing very fast. And as fast as listeners flock to podcasts, businesses are popping up with podcast shows of their own.

What’s more interesting than the growth in podcasting, though, is the way podcast audiences consume content.

2016 study from the ABC provided deeper insight into Australian podcast audiences and how they behave – here are some of the key points:

  • They’re regular consumers – Most listen to an average of 5.5 podcasts per week, and nearly 1 in 5 listens to up to 11 per week.
  • Highly engaged – 80% of podcast audiences listen the whole way through their chosen podcasts.
  • Regularly seek out new podcasts – 1 in 3 listening to a new podcast in the past week.

If you’re not taking advantage of the growing popularity of podcasts and highly engaged audience, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity!

Still not convinced? Let us talk you through some of the benefits you can expect from podcasting for business.

benefits of podcasting for business

1. It’s actually super easy to produce

It may seem like you need a full studio and professional sound engineer to create your own podcast show, but the reality is you can create a good quality show very easily these days. With mobile phones and laptops providing decent enough recording quality, you probably already have what you need to create a podcast if you’re not ready to purchase actual podcasting equipment. Simply make a plan on what to talk about (or who to talk with), find somewhere quiet, and start recording.

2. Way easier to create than regular blogs

Sometimes it’s hard to find time to sit down and write blog posts regularly, but ask any business owner to talk about what they’re passionate about, what’s going on in their industry, why people should care about what they do, etc. and you’ll find a never-ending source of content. It’s especially easy to create your podcast with more than one person involved because you’re not stuck talking to yourself – you’re just having a conversation that can be shared with others.

3. One podcast = heaps of content (AKA Repurposing)

Once you’ve recorded the audio, you have the core content. It’s super easy to then repurpose this information into a heap of other types of content. Get a transcript created that people can download. Create a blog post that recaps the key points. Put together a slideshow or video. Pull out quotes from the podcast and display them over branded images to push out on Instagram and Facebook. By repurposing your really maximising the benefit without adding too much extra work – it’s all about that leverage!

4. Excellent source of web traffic

Podcasting provides you with plenty of new traffic sources from iTunes, Spotify, and other podcasting platforms. Not only does it allow you to reach new audiences through these platforms, the people you reach (and the traffic it drives to your site) is really high quality. Why? Because these people are engaged, they’re listening to you, they know what you’re about, they like what they hear, and they come to your site wanting to further develop this budding relationship. No other traffic source does this quite as well, apart from maybe video.

5. GREAT for SEO

If it’s creating heaps of content, that’s shared in loads of different places, and pushing quality traffic to your site, it should come as no surprise that podcasting is an excellent way to improve your site’s search performance. Over the last 12 months we’ve recognised just how powerful it is and have switched some of our traditional SEO clients on to content creation packages that involve podcasting and repurposing and seen huge improvements across their keyword rankings.

6. Builds trust!

Written copy will never allow you to interact with your audience the same way audio does. I mean think about how many misconstrued emails, txts or msgs you’ve sent or received because there’s no tone of voice to add context to the words. Podcasting carries the same benefit as jumping on the phone. Listeners can hear the subtle inflections in your voice that help get across sincere emotions, which helps them better understand and trust what you’re saying. If you also make an effort to be genuine and relatable, listeners will soon form a strong personal bond with you without ever meeting face-to-face.

7. Gives You a Reason to Build New Connections

Podcasting gives you an excellent excuse to connect with some amazing people. If you ask someone to appear on your podcast as a guest because you truly believe they have something valuable to share with your audience, there’s a high chance they’ll appreciate the invite and jump at the opportunity to share their message with a new audience. From there, the relationship can take you anywhere – from good friends, to referral partners or close collaborators.

8. Adds Credibility

Podcast Creator and Host looks pretty good on the resume – and you don’t even need to be an expert or massive influencer to get into it! Much like having your own TV show or news column, having your own podcast instantly gives you an edge and creates the illusion of influence and expertise. Even if your podcast doesn’t have a massive following, people will start to trust your opinion more and look to you for advice because they feel like you know what you’re talking about.

So – what do you think? Are you convinced by the benefits of podcasting? Or are you still unsure whether it would really work for you?

We’re happy to chat more about how podcasting might be valuable to you and your business. Just reach out!