May 12, 2020

8 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Working Online

Working online has undeniable perks and it gets smoother each day, thanks to the countless technological upgrades and improvements that are usually one click away. 

Chrome extensions are a great example of tools that make our lives that much easier.  If you want to get some serious work done, you’ll do well to take full advantage of these little productivity-boosting add ons that turn your browser into a buffed-up command centre! 

Here are 8 must-have Chrome extensions that will step up your game in the digital world. 


Loom is one of those extensions that can help your business regardless of its size. Its main purpose is screen recording, which can be used in a variety of ways: 

  • Training videos
  • Online courses
  • Product Tours & Demos
  • Work process recordings
  • Q&A sessions

If you don’t have this extension, stop everything you’re doing and download it now – it’s also free, so there’s no reason not to try it out. 

FB Pixel Helper 

If you’re using Facebook Pixel to track conversions and adjust your Facebook Ads, this Chrome extension will prove to be a nifty addition to your marketing efforts. Facebook Pixel Helper is a troubleshooting tool that shows you pixel events on a page, loading errors, successful implementation, warnings and so on.


Everything you write online says something about you and/or your brand. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes can damage your online reputation more than you might think. We hate to break it to you: your high school teacher was right to insist that grammar is important! 

Grammarly is one of the best Chrome extensions you can use. Its main purpose is to correct grammar and spelling mistakes, but it feels more like a mini editor that oversees your work and gives you advice instantly as you write. 

Video Speed Controller 

Everything is about optimising in today’s digital landscape. That includes video viewing! Instead of watching a whole 5-minute how-to video, wouldn’t it be great to quickly run through it and save precious time? 

Possibly one of the most popular extensions among Type A’s, Video Speed Controller allows you to make speed adjustments on video playback and works like a charm on all HTML videos (yes, Facebook included!). 

Tomato Timer 

Let’s face it, working online is amazing, but it can also be very distracting. Is there anyone who hasn’t gone down the rabbit hole of social media, only to emerge hours later with only a vague recollection of what work needed to be done?

Tomato Timer is one solution for that problem. This free Chrome extension blocks all those tempting websites so you can finally focus on your work.  Attempt jumping on Facebook, for example, and you’ll be faced with an angry tomato that’s prompting you to get back to work.

Vetted and approved by your direct manager.


How many new tabs do you open each day? Tonnes, we reckon. Wouldn’t it be great if your New Tab was filled with mood-boosting inspirational photos and quotes, offering you a moment of calm and motivation? 

Momentum replaces the new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring to-dos, weather, and inspiration. It also eliminates distractions and helps beat procrastination with a reminder of your focus for the day every time you open a new tab.


Leave nothing to chance – that includes email sending times! Boomerang is the ultimate extension for email writing and scheduling, allowing you to take full control of when you click send as well as setting handy alerts to remind you to follow-up if you don’t get a response.

It also evaluates the readability of your emails, helping you tailor to-the-point responses that facilitate communication instead of inhibiting it. Goodbye forever, long, eye-roll worthy emails! 


Wouldn’t it be great to have access to a detailed breakdown of how your competition’s content is performing online? Buzzsumo does just that! With this Chrome extension, you can get a readout of social media engagement, unique page views, and other items like shares or backlinks. 

Buzzsumo is an amazing tool that can help you polish your content strategy and adapt it to current industry trends, while also taking into account your competition’s performance. 

If you haven’t yet succumbed to the Chrome extensions obsession, these 8 are a great place to start! And If you feel like you’re ready to take your digital marketing to the next level, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.