July 16, 2020
Category: Social Media

12 Free Tools to Level-up your Social Media Game

We’re not even going to ask if your business is on social media because by now it definitely should be! But simply having a social media page is not going to do much – you need to put your business out there in the best possible light. And to do that, you need good content.

Creating good content is not an easy skill to master, we know. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best free tools you can use to step up your social media game and save precious time.

12 Game-Changing Free Social Media Tools


This app makes it easy for you to repost your favourite Instagram content (photo and video) and give credit to the original poster. We love using this when curating content.


One of the most frustrating things about Instagram is the fact that you cannot add additional space lines in your text! With this app, you can do just that.


This is an amazing Instagram curator, feed planner, scheduler, and bio link tool which allows you to build a clickable, shoppable landing page that looks just like your feed.


By far the most popular bio link tool on Instagram. It creates a webpage where you can add all the links that are relevant to your business. Link to your blog, Facebook page, website, latest specials, etc. to help your followers find your most important links.


Creating visually engaging content is not an easy task, but with tools like Unfold, you can quickly give your Instagram Stories a makeover. This app offers you beautiful templates and designs for your Instagram stories.


If you’re finding it hard to keep up with social monitoring, this app is for you! It offers monitoring across social media, the web, blog, forums, and more. With the free version, you get notified of up to 250 mentions across platforms and can link 3 accounts.

Cut Story

This tool is useful if you want to cut a long video into smaller clips for your Insta Stories, which max out at 15 seconds (so a 1-minute video would turn into 4 stories). The free version only puts a small watermark on your video (which you can remove for $0.99).


The content you post on your social media channels should look as professional as possible, so it pays to pretty up your mobile snaps before posting. VSCO helps you enhance your photos with heaps of great filters and standard tools like contrast, saturation, and grain.


This is another great option for editing your photos on mobile, with more advanced features to take your photos up a level. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry: the user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, use and learn at the same time.


The free account offers you heaps of templates, fonts and designs. Besides graphic design, Canva now features some basic animation options, to make your posts and stories even more engaging.


Offers free professional stock images you can use on your website, blog and socials. All photos can be downloaded and used for free, for commercial and non-commercial purposes.


Another platform offering royalty-free stock images and videos to use in your projects. When you haven’t got the time, budget or skills to organise your own content, this is a lifesaver!

No more excuses!

As you can see, there are plenty of free tools and resources available to really get you ahead of your competition when it comes to social media. So you don’t have any more excuses to not bring your business’ online presence to the next level!

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