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You know what’s better than having a customer view your product or service? Having them see it again and again and again (and again). Say hello to the magical world of remarketing.

Have you ever found yourself going to a website, viewing a product or service, and then clicking away for one reason or another? We all have, right?

But have you ever seen ads pop-up in the hours, days and weeks following regarding the exact product and website you were looking at?

That’s remarketing (aka retargeting) in action.

Remarketing takes a small piece of code, called a tracking pixel, and uses it to track potential customers who have already visited your website. This is then used to place ads strategically for these users, turning them back towards your business and creating a potential sale.

Yeah, it’s pretty nifty.

Turn those fence-sitters into conversions.

Retailers are all too familiar with those special group of customers who tend to spend ages browsing, without ever actually pulling the trigger and buying anything.
It’s tempting to ignore these guys. But if they’ve got to the point where they’re looking at your site for an extended period of time, and even putting things in their shopping cart, make no mistake, there is some serious buying intent.
So while these customers may take a little more convincing to get across the line, they’re not a lost cause. In fact, they’re far cheaper to convert than a brand new prospect.
By using remarketing you can re-engage these window-shoppers and turn them into real purchases.
We can help you leverage platforms such as Google’s Display Network, Facebook and Instagram to retarget your potential customers and drive up conversions.
Sounds good, right?

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