How to Maximise Your Lead Generation with Facebook

The Ultimate Facebook Lead Gen Training for Small Business Owners.

Have you ever wondered why some businesses seem to be thriving while others are barely getting by? The reason is quite simple: some businesses generate more leads and sales than others. They sell more and therefore increase revenue. Which is something YOU can do as well, by simply leveraging the power of Facebook Lead Gen Ads.

In this brand-new training, Facebook Ads Specialist David Gorton will show you how to grow your business and teach you how to execute a Facebook Lead Generation Campaign from start to finish.

Don’t let your potential customers go to your competition. Make sure you let them know exactly why they need YOUR product.

  • Get to Know the Platform

    A walk through of the Facebook Business Manager, outlining the key features and navigating the most important parts and their role.

  • Find your Ideal Audience

    We breakdown how to find the best audiences and even unlock audiences you didn’t know existed, with a fill-in-the-blank worksheets you will hit the ground running.

  • Set Up an Effective Funnel

    Learn the critical steps to SUPERCHARGE your Facebook Lead Generation Campaigns, this is the EXACT method we use inside our agency to get our clients results!

Ready to Boost Your Leads with Facebook Ads?




What will I learn?

  • Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

    • Why Facebook Ads works for Lead Generation
    • Why use ads instead of boosting
    • Introducing the Advertising Funnel
  • Planning your Campaign

    • Setting your campaign strategy
    • Setting the ideal budget for success
    • Bonus: Campaign vs Ad Set Budget Optimisation
    • Creating your Customer Avatar
    • Crafting ads that convert
  • Getting Started in Facebook Ads

    • Intro to the ads manager platform
    • Using the Audience Insights tool
    • Setting up Custom Audiences
  • Creating your Ad Campaign

    • Putting it all together
    • Bonus: Retargeting lost prospects
    • Finding your leads


David Gorton

As Visible’s leading Facebook Ad Specialist, David’s helped plenty of businesses just like yours generate serious leads through Facebook. In this course, he’ll be sharing the lessons he’s learned along the way so you can cut through the confusion and start seeing real results with Facebook Ads.

Master Lead Gen with Facebook Ads