Get Amplified Sessions: November


12 Nov 2019

17:30 - 22:00


16 Altona Street West Perth, WA 6005

Are you ready to boost your digital presence and grow your business, brand or side-hustle? Well, it’s time to Get Amplified!

About this Event

Join us for a series of workshop sessions designed to help entrepreneurs, freelancers, and marketers tackle all things digital marketing and business growth.

Hear from our guest speakers, each experts in their field, as they share their story and the techniques they’ve picked up along the way!

  • Unlock valuable info on how to grow your business digitally through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Podcasting, YouTube and more.
  • Mingle with speakers and other marketers/business owners in a small and focused setting.
  • Get simple tips and hints on how to begin with your best foot forward.
  • Sneaky sundowner drinks and light nibbles provided.

For our next session we have:

Justin Bourn

Justin is the Founder and Director of Blank Canvas Studios, a business that specialises in 3D visualisation for architecture. Justin is passionate about leadership and business growth and has used his social media presence as a valuable tool to aid his business in achieving goals and leveraging opportunities. This culminated earlier this year with the event UNIMAGINED, the first of its kind for the visualisation industry in Australia.

None of this would have been possible without Justin’s commitment to expanding his online presence and reach within his business space, with Blank Canvas gaining close to 70,000 followers across Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

How to Scale Your Business Presence through Social Media

Being able to get your name “out there” in the world is a key part of being able to generate leads for your business.

In his talk, Justin will show his process for building Blank Canvas’ digital presence, providing a practical example of his methods and philosophy in regards to social media and profile growth.

Justin will similarly discuss the broader value of brand contribution and how content marketing can be utilised positively for a niche business.

Matt J Hanham

Matt is the Owner and Director of Visible, a digital marketing studio based in Perth. Matt is an entrepreneur, investor and consultant with a passion for small business, technology and wealth building.

Matt also hosts his own business podcast – Amplify Your Business with Matt J Hanham, a podcast dedicated to sharing stories of entrepreneurial triumph with fellow business owners. As well as that, Matt also co-hosts the Simple Minds Podcast, a show about five guys trying to encourage real conversation amongst men everywhere.

How to be a Guest on a Podcast:

Being able to feature on other podcasts is fast becoming a critical skill in the marketplace. Having an ability to dynamically articulate what you and your business is all about while speak authentically in a long-form style of content can lead to tremendous opportunities for both you and your brand as a business tool.

Matt will go through the fundamentals of coming on to a podcast and the process of speaking confidently while remaining informative and present during any sort of podcast interview or discussion.

Matt will also go through practical tips and tricks on how to remain consistent and energised during lengthy spells behind a microphone.

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