Lockdown or Opportunity – You Decide


08 May 2020


The Visible Tribe

In this Live Session, Matt Hanham is chatting about making better decisions with money while in ISO with Business Coach Conrad Francis.

About Conrad

Conrad is an executive of the highest calibre with nearly 25 years of experience and a true entrepreneurial spirit, driven by witnessing the success of his clients and those around him.

Everything he does is about helping people achieve their highest potential.

Conrad’s journey began in the suburbs of Burma (Myanmar) in 1972. He migrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1973 and his Australian journey is a long one consisting of; building three ‘million-dollar businesses’ from scratch, facing near bankruptcy multiple times and raising his daughter as a single parent. He knows what the bottom looks like and what it takes to get to the top (he even refers to himself as a ‘battler’), making him an incredible coach.

His passion for ‘giving back’ has been instrumental in creating the Inspired Money’s Community Assist Program, which has raised over $60,000 for a variety of charities, over the last four years.