Connecting Young Minds with Facebook Events

Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds is Australia’s leading provider of self-confidence and self-esteem education for pre-teens and teens, tackling the tough topics, bringing them to light so our youth feel empowered, educated and supported throughout their often-challenging journey of being a teenager.


Beautiful Minds began with a simple mission to address and help teens with their mental health through focused workshops on self-development and creating a positive self-image. 

Our approach to this project was to create high-value events that ensured a high number of sign-ups for Beautiful Minds Workshops.

Project Scope

  • Facebook Events
  • Social Posting
  • Social Account Management


As this was a high performing client with plenty of ambition, our challenge was to ensure the high number of sign-up was not only maintained but increased as well. 

This was also a great opportunity for us to maximise our Facebook skills and bring a higher standard of service through the Facebook events system.


Despite only having Beautiful Minds as clients for a relatively short time, we’ve had so much success with this client already that we couldn’t help share some of the outcomes. Leads for Beautiful Minds have far exceeded previous standards, nearly tripling compared to previous sales strategies while increasing conversion rates as well. 

This success of our work has been so great in fact, that we have recently been selected to use our work as a case study example by Facebook themselves.

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