Why You Only Need 1000 Followers | #AmplifyYourBusiness EP 07
By: Matt Hanham
September 28, 2017

Why You Only Need 1000 Followers | #AmplifyYourBusiness VLOG EP 07

In this episode

I used to think that being successful on social media meant chasing down hundreds of thousands of followers. But I realised it really comes back to Kevin Kelly’s 1000 true fans theory.

You don’t need 200,000 followers, you just need 1000 (or thereabouts) of the right ones. Connect with a loyal group of followers that 100% align with your business and you’ll find their support alone allows you to comfortably do what you do best.

Episode highlights:

  • Why you don’t need 200,000 followers to be successful
  • Figure out your end game before setting targets
  • Audience depth vs. width explained
  • Know your target audience better than they know themselves
  • Use video to build stronger relationships with your audience


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