Social Media Management

Build Your Brand & Leverage Loyal Followers

There was a time when some thought social media was just something that “the kids” were into. A place for cat videos, holiday pics, and memes. Not something that businesses could ever really benefit from. Over time, though, the skeptics were well and truly proven wrong.

Backed by huge, global user bases, today’s most popular social platforms have grown into marketing machines, providing businesses with valuable data on their customers and a (mostly) free way to connect and engage with them.

There’s no avoiding it anymore. Maintaining a strong social presence is essential.

Facebook Marketing

Leverage authentic content (photos, videos, blogs, etc.) to tell your brand’s story on Facebook.

Your ideal customers are already on Facebook, you just need to connect and add value to them. Do that, and you’ll build a loyal group of followers, not just ready to buy but ready to tell their friends about you.

  • Gain valuable insight into your audience
  • Increase awareness and build a loyal community
  • Improve customer experience & engagement
  • Drive website traffic and improve search performance
  • Differentiate your brand

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Instagram Marketing

On Instagram you have a real opportunity to build your brand by appealing and adding value to your audience through quality images. Combine crowd pleasing images with relevant hashtags and you’ll be surprised just how fast you can grow.

There are definitely industries better suited to this space (food, fashion, travel, health & fitness, etc.) but with a bit of creativity any business can make use of Instagram.

  • More than half of millennials visit Instagram daily
  • Instagram posts have 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook
  • 68% of Instagrammers regularly interact with brands

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