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May 23, 2018

#AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast: Episode 21 The One Thing You Can Do to Amplify Your Business

The One Thing You Can Do to Amplify Your Business

Successful business owners pinpoint the one thing they’d recommend for true advancement in work and in life.


Length: 20 minutes

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As driven individuals, we work hard every day – sometimes all day – doing everything we can to improve things for ourselves and the people around us.

This hard work always yields results – but is all work equal? What if we could get to the heart of what really makes a difference? What if we could identify the most meaningful, the most powerful things we could do to amplify our businesses, and by extension, our lives?

What’s the one thing you can do to amplify your business?

Well, I’ve had some amazing guests on this podcast, and I’ve been lucky enough to get an answer to this question from each and every one of them.

This week, I took a moment to reflect on the deep conversations we’ve had, and I’ve drawn out the most valuable pieces of advice from a select few.

Strap in, listen up, and prepare to get inspired by these incredible entrepreneurs as they reveal what their core drivers of true advancement really are.

Dave Clare – Prophet for Purpose

What’s One Thing You Can Do to Amplify Your Business?

Get more in touch with your purpose.

“The more you can get in tune with why you do, or what problem you’re looking to solve for people, the more

opportunities you’ll open up for yourself and your business.”
– Dave Clare

Focussing on your why lets you look past what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. This, in turn, lets you escape the trap of day to day operations, freeing you to discover different ways your business can solve the root problem or provide that root solution not just today, but in the future.

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Carmen Braidwood – Radio Host

What’s One Thing You Can Do to Amplify Your Business?

Have a crack at making some original content.

Carmen reckons there’s real power in freely sharing your knowledge and your life with the world.

From someone with 15 years experience in professional radio, that’s a massive statement. Radio is most often planned, scripted, and produced for-profit. To hear a long-time radio host make the same realisation I have – that you’ve just got to show up and put yourself out there – was a welcome surprise.

“Have a crack at making some original content. Make sure this is content that comes from you – things that you can share from the knowledge bank that you can share with other people.

Don’t worry if it’s not something you would normally sell – if people like it, they will come back for more. You might surprise yourself!”
– Carmen Braidwood

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Chris Wightwick – Business Coach

What’s One Thing You Can Do to Amplify Your Business?

Practice self-awareness.

“Our external experience mirrors our internal – it’s not the other way around.”
– Chris Wightwick

Chris has been a business coach, he’s managed hospitals, he’s spent time in the military, and he’s shaped other people to work and lead as powerfully as he does. Through it all, he’s found that true success can only come when you’ve looked inside yourself and discovered who it is you are, and how to give yourself what you want.

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Tyson Franklin – Podiatrist, Author, Business Mentor

What’s One Thing You Can Do to Amplify Your Business?

Get off your bum!

“The number one thing that any business owner can do is get off your bum and physically go and meet people. If you own a coffee shop, go out and meet every other business around you, let them know who the owner of that coffee shop is, and what makes you different. If you own an online business, connect with people socially. Comment on posts, write sensible responses to things, ask to be friends with people that you think would say no. Take a chance!”
– Tyson Franklin

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Danny Marriner – Performance Coach

What’s One Thing You Can Do to Amplify Your Business?

Look into what it is that you truly want to do in your lifetime.

Danny cuts to the heart of it all, demanding that before you do anything else, find what it is that truly provides meaning in your life. If you find that – or are actively searching for it – you can do anything.

“What is it that gives the most meaning to your existence? You either go for it, or die trying.”
– Danny Marriner

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 Get Out There and Amplify Your Business!

If we hone in on doing one task and making one change every day, we will look back in 30 days, 60 days – or even 3 days – and we’ll be in a position where we’ve improved on who we were, what we were doing, and why. We will have considered our purpose, and adjusted our course to meet the most meaningful and powerful path we can walk in this life.

Keep this in mind, and make something happen today for yourself, your life, and your business!

Thanks for Listening

I’d like to take this chance to thank everyone who’s listened to this podcast, past or present. It’s been an absolute joy for me to dig into this project, and I’ve got no intention of stopping. I hope you get as much value and draw as much inspiration from these conversations as I have!

Tune in next time for more conversations with people driving to create growth and positive change.

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