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April 12, 2018

#AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast: Episode 19 with Carmen Braidwood

Carmen Braidwood: What can Podcasts Learn from Radio?

We’ve invited radio host Carmen Braidwood to explore the intersection between digital and traditional media.  Carmen talks about the great divide, and how she’s jumped it by training podcasters in the art of the broadcast.

So listen up Podcasters and YouTubers – There’s a lot we can learn from the tried and true traditional world!


Length: 54 minutes

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Show Notes

Who is Carmen Braidwood? – [0:00]

Carmen is a media professional with 16 years experience in radio and television broadcasting. She’s most known for her tenure as host of Perth’s 96FM Breakfast Show.

Recently, she’s made the transition out of radio and is bringing her knowledge of traditional broadcast to the new age of digital media.

Now, she consults and coaches people and their businesses hoping to make their content stand out.


Is Digital about to Meet Traditional? – [3:00]

In the blaze of digital media’s rise to popularity, we’ve almost forgotten the value of traditional channels. The internet age has seen an explosion of podcasts, video content and blogs – but not an explosion of media skills or quality standards. Good media and good journalism are becoming harder to find online, and the effects are showing.

For every great podcast, there are a hundred ameteur ones. They all struggle to stand out, because most of them don’t know how to create truly valuable media.

There’s an opportunity for traditional media here. Though TV and radio are “dying,” demand for the skill sets they require is skyrocketing. Carmen has grabbed this opportunity by training ameteur broadcasters in the art of production.

The same principle that applies to podcasts applies to all the videos and blogs out there. What traditional has, digital needs.

“Traditional media needs to be injected into new platforms”
– Carmen Braidwood


Live Recording: Authenticity vs. Perfection – [11:00]

The digital world is awash in both raw, live content and surgically edited productions. Both can be great, but each is a double-edged blade. Matt and Carmen open up about their experiences.

“The best things I’ve done are live. I love the thrill of getting it right and going with what might happen.”
– Carmen Braidwood

On live radio when something unexpected happens you have to rely on the chemistry with your co-host or your own ability to work your way out of something. This is something digital can certainly learn from traditional.

“The further you delve into editing, the more authenticity you lose”
– Matt Hanham

It’s  easier to add value to your work in post production. But is it the only way to add value? Can you still be true to yourself? It’s a tough line to walk. Digital media producers who rely on heavy editing should keep this in mind!


Media Life Lessons from a Radio Host – [18:00]

Class is in session!

Carmen opens up about her experience in the turbulent world of Radio and TV broadcasting.

What she’s learned is extremely valuable for content creators out there struggling to make it in the digital world. Check out Carmen’s tips – it’s amazing how many of them apply directly to digital media!


What Does it Take to Make it in Digital Media?

When Carmen’s contract at 96FM ended she had to start over. Think about her next move in her career. Her Brand.

Nowadays to get a job, a degree isn’t enough. Thousands of people out there have the same piece of paper saying they’re competent at [insert skill]. But are they experienced in the real world?

“The media industry is competitive but not impossible”
– Carmen Braidwood

You need to be able to showcase your skill set and go above and beyond to illustrate you are the right candidate with experience to show for it.

“You need to be grinding on the craft. Show some real world experience”
– Matt Hanham

Carmen is a lecturer and says that the kids she works with are already hosting their own shows. It’s this initiative that will back them when they transition into the workforce.

In order to make it today, you’ve got to show, not tell the world that you can do it.


Surviving Media Production – [30:00]

Carmen’s Tips on Surviving Media Production:

  • Enjoy it whilst you got it (whatever it is – your job, your content, your passion)
  • It’s not going to be the end of the world
  • Stay aware of what is going on around you in the industry – even if it’s not relevant to you
  • Do something on the side – work on your personal brand

There is always room for you to grow, don’t be afraid to learn something new. But remember to be honest and upfront with your skillset.


When It Hits the Fan – [36:00]

If you produce enough media, there will inevitably come a time when something goes wrong.

You’ll get bad reviews. A recording will not go well. And in the world of broadcasting, you can’t take your mistakes back. Here is Carmen’s take on how to let media mistakes make you stronger:

  • Don’t focus on bad news or negative reviews
  • Acknowledge negative feedback and take a human approach to addressing it
  • All engagement can be good engagement

“Acknowledge it and kill them with kindness”
– Carmen Braidwood

“When you brand something that is narrow in focus you’re going to have outliers who don’t agree”
– Carmen Braidwood

Carmen still gets fans from 96FM Breakfast Show writing in saying they miss the show and how unfortunate the cancellation was.


Don’t Get Left Behind

The best piece of advice Carmen received was from her old co host Grant from country Victoria. She called him when her contract at 96FM ended.

He told her to:

  • Learn as much as she can about the industry and not get left behind
  • Learn about the industry to anticipate change
  • Adopt new technology

There’s a lot of fear about just how to approach the ever-changing world of digital media. However if you do embrace it you quickly learn that knowledge is power. You never know your own potential unless you utilise the resources around you.


What Carmen is Listening To

What does a radio host listen to? Only the finest podcasts, of course!  All of the following are top-of-the-line examples of premium content and great journalism.

Carmen loves:

Matt and Carmen both agree that produced television level production podcasts are the way of the future. People want to binge their podcasts like their TV.


One Book Carmen would Take into Solitary Confinement

Carmen’s Favourite Disney Character

Wait for it… “Because he’s cute”


Apps on Carmen’s Phone

Carmen loves to use Evernote Scannable.

She’s currently trying to declutter her home. So being able to scan all your statements and business cards etc into one place is super handy.

Matt mentions that he works best in a clear space. Clearing your space facilitates more creativity.

If you missed what we mentioned in the episode – we’ve got you covered.


One Thing Carmen Recommends to Amplify Your Business

Have a crack at making some original content. More often than not you can surprise yourself with your own creativity.

Brainstorm what you can share with others and just get out there. Give it a go.  

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