Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising

With a content reach like no other, Twitter is the most effective way to get your voice heard on the web.

It’s current and ever-changing, meaning you can weigh in on what’s happening right now and get your brand out there at the same time.

Listen, learn and grow.

While Twitter might not seem like the obvious choice for many businesses, many people don’t approach Twitter from the right angle. With so many users, you can quickly can mass opinion on almost anything. It also allows you to see what your competitors are tweeting about and gain industry intelligence in order to develop a foolproof strategy.
The huge number of people on Twitter also means you can more easily build a following for your brand. We make use of our creative natures to craft relevant, topical tweets, and curate interesting and insightful content to share with your developing following.

‘Tweet’ yourself to success.

Our social media management team can help you with everything that’s involved in building a Twitter following, from creating engaging tweets to setting up your profile to make it as visible as possible to prospective followers. We can advertise your business to target demographics to achieve your goals, whether that be brand awareness, website clicks or more followers.

We will provide you with:

  • A bespoke Twitter header design
  • A complete profile page
  • Account activity monitoring
  • A popularity increase strategy
  • A Twitter advertising campaign (paid)
  • Relevant content and tweets to engage followers
  • Tweet scheduling

Consider Twitter as part of your business marketing strategy to get your brand out there as quickly as possible and communicate with your customers in real time.