LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Being present on LinkedIn will grow your brand awareness and increase customer engagement in a business environment.

We can leverage your LinkedIn profile to connect you with the a relevant and interested customer base and build on the brand that is established on other social media platforms.

LinkedIn – the Facebook for businesses.

LinkedIn works in a similar way to Facebook, with the main difference being the business context. As the biggest corporate social media platform, it makes sense to pay some attention to it. Not only will you grow your network, you have access to (and can contribute) super relevant industry-specific content. LinkedIn is one of the best places to build your brand in a commercial sense, and we have the skills to help you do just that.

We manage LinkedIn so you can manage your business in the real world.

The social media management team at Visible can develop and maintain your professional network on LinkedIn. With our help, we believe that your business can really achieve new heights online. You can choose the level of service you want, from running advertising campaigns on the platform to full suite management and content building.

We will provide you with:

  • A complete profile page
  • Page activity monitoring
  • A network building strategy
  • A LinkedIn advertising campaign (paid)
  • Relevant content to contribute to the industry

LinkedIn has moved into the scope as one of the big hitters as far as building a business is concerned, and we will make sure you maintain a brand-consistent business profile that works in conjuction with the rest of your online presence, be it Facebook, Twitter or your own website.